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Consumers to buy LED lights rising trend is obvious
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Consumers to buy LED lights rising trend is obvious
Energy-saving emission reduction has been the country strongly advocated the direction, and in the home products, such a concept is not uncommon. Recently, the reporter interviewed a number of urban lighting sales shop learned that in recent years, the lighting market, the rise of an LED energy-saving lamps boom. But at the same time, the price of various types of LED lights there is a certain gap, and product quality is good and bad.
LED lighting has become a new trend
April 10 morning, the reporter interviewed a number of emerging markets in the city a number of lamps and lanterns shop found that although many lamps and lanterns within the energy-saving lamps still dominate, but in most sales of ordinary lighting stores or hardware stores, LED lights Has been in the same basic position with the energy-saving lamps, and the purchase of LED lighting consumers were gradually rising trend.
Interview, a number of lighting shop sales staff said, LED lighting is a new product, compared with the energy-saving lamps better lighting, more power, longer life. "20 watts of LED lighting, for example, its brightness than 40 watts of energy-saving lamps but also bright, and electricity can save more than half." Emerging markets, a lighting sales staff said.
It is understood that the current market, LED light source has almost covered all the needs of the home light source. Reporters interview process to see, in the major lighting sales stores, spotlights, ceiling lamps, crystal chandeliers, table lamps, night lights and other household lamps are commonly used LED products. "Now on the market a number of lamps and lanterns LED lamps accounted for the proportion of growing, should be a new trend.We have about half of our LED lighting. And the purchase of LED lighting consumers this year than last year Out of a lot. "Lamp salesman said Ms. Yang.
LED lighting prices vary, the quality varies
 Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the city in a number of lamps and lanterns shop sales process to note that the basic business of each brand has different brands of LED lighting products sales, and the price difference between different products there is a big difference. To 4-watt LED spotlights, for example, the price from 56 to 78 yuan range, and some even up to 100 yuan or more.
Reporters asked the business price difference so much of the reasons, the business said, "quality is not the same, lighting effects and life are different." Subsequently, a business were out of 50 yuan, 15 yuan and 7 yuan LED lighting For comparison, the reporter will be three lights were in the hands of the weight was significantly different, 50 yuan LED spotlights significantly heavier than the other. "Lamp starter is not the same, the gap is easy to see work." Lamp salesman Wang said, "your point of light to be more light, not dazzling, life is different, cheap After six months the light may become dark.
At the same time, Ms. Wang pointed to the door of an LED ceiling lamp, said, "the price is different, LED lighting light point density is also different.This ceiling is about 200 yuan, its light is very dense, basically a suffer One, and there is a layer of protective film on the outside, the heat is also very good, but the price of tens of dollars or so, open the lid, which light little, and is directly exposed to the outside, without any membrane protection.
Interview, for the product life, most businesses most of the publicity said, "the use of time in the 10,000 -3 million hours, but the corresponding is that the warranty period is generally in the 1-2 years or so. The lamp life seems to have become a "concept".

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