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The difference between a ceiling lamp and a chandelier
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The difference between a ceiling lamp and a chandelier
The definition of a ceiling: a lamp, installed in the room inside, because the upper part of the lamp is flat, close to the roof to install, like adsorption on the roof, so called the ceiling.
Ceiling lamps are organized by structure: embossed and embedded.
Ceiling, Lamp, Shape, Rectangular, Diamond, Triangle, Cone, Olive and Pendant.
Ceiling lights in the design, but also pay attention to the structural safety (to prevent burst or fall off), but also consider the heat, shade heat, disassembly and maintenance should be simple.
Definition of chandeliers: All hanging down lamps are classified as chandeliers. Chandelier whether it is to wire or iron hanging, can not be hanging too short, hinder the normal line of sight or people feel dazzling. The chandelier suspension is now fitted with a spring or height adjuster and is suitable for different height floors and needs.
Difference 1: the bottom of the ceiling is relatively flat, adsorption on the roof, more space-saving. Hanging lights hanging on the roof, more suitable for high-level families.
Difference 2: ceiling lamp is directly from the lamp panel or lampholder fixed in the roof. The chandelier is a lamp with a hanging chain or a boom, and the lamp is at a distance from the roof.

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